Energy was nurturing, grounded and cool like a stream.

Christa made me feel so well taken care of from the moment we started. Her energy was nurturing, grounded and cool like a stream. I went into a state of deep relaxation almost immediately. I definitely went on a journey. There were times I forgot her hands were there and other times I was aware of them and it was comforting. I was so happy when she was at my feet because it meant there was still quite a bit of time left! The whole tactile experience feels healing and peaceful and restorative. It’s like being in the hands of a modern day, good, sorceress.

— Jenny

Amazing, caring, compassionate and intuitive

I can’t describe in words how amazing, caring, compassionate and intuitive Christa is. Christa's Reiki sessions are absolutely amazing. She is an incredible empath; she always knows what's happening with me. She makes me feel comfortable and I go deep into meditation. Christa's Tarot readings also resonate with me. I feel she knows me really well and has given me the exact guidance I need. None of her sessions ever feel the same, yet they speak to what is currently happening in my life.

— Norma


"Each reading has left me feeling calmer, more grounded, and more confident in my life’s journey."

Christa is the real deal!

Having my cards read by Christa was such a great experience! She has a way of making you feel safe and loved during the reading that it enables you to be completely open to both her and the experience. I have had my cards read quite a few times and know immediately if I am not feeling the person or the reading but Christa is the real deal! There were a few moments where I only expressed half of what I was thinking and she intuitively knew what parts I was keeping to myself and it felt like she was reading my mind. I left feeling uplifted and more sure of my path/the decisions I wanted to make. Love love love her!

— Katelyn

Instrumental in helping me rediscover my inner strength

I am new to tarot, and had honestly always been a bit skeptical of it until very recently. After a rough year, though, I learned to open up to new paths to healing and self-awareness, and I’ve since had two readings with Christa. Each reading has left me feeling calmer, more grounded, and more confident in my life’s journey. Christa reads the cards with clarity and specificity, and shows great warmth, energy, and enthusiasm throughout the whole process. She also shows immense patience with a newbie like me who needs lots of clarification! Christa has been instrumental in helping me rediscover my inner strength after a difficult period, and toward remembering how to trust my own intuition. She is a skilled tarot reader, and I highly recommend her. 

— Michelle