Astrology Readings

Your natal chart reveals life lessons and soul plans at the time of your birth. Each of us can discover our areas of greatest empowerment and healing by looking at our natal chart and our progressive chart for internal shifts and personal development. 

Individual Chart Reading
During an individual reading, I examine placement of planets in the sky that offer guidance for an area of life that is of most concern to you. Once your reading is complete, you'll receive a daily plan for practical self-care practices that will aid you in ongoing healing and discovery.  
$75 - 60min.

Paired Reading
Paired readings include natal chart synastry and compatibility to illuminate major plot points in the narrative of your soul connection, and can be helpful for family members, business partnerships, or love relationships. In 90 minutes, I'll help you to see opportunities for major growth and reveal to how you are teachers for each other. In paired readings, I hope to help you transform your deep resentments, fears and anxieties into gifts of compassion and greater acceptance. 
$150 - 90min.

To request a reading, please email me the date, time and location of your birth and a question or concern you want more clarity about. 

Sessions for events or private parties are available and include a $15 local travel fee.