“Thank you for coming. I’m so glad you’re here.”


It’s taken half of my life to learn how to say those words to myself without wincing in judgement. As a survivor of multiple childhood traumas, I sought refuge in creative writing and formal education, earning a Bachelor’s of Arts and a Master of Fine Arts in English. I landed my dream job as a teacher of English in higher education, and as I began to rest in the safety of a consistent, dependable career and friendships, all the pain and loss I had survived during the early part of my life came to the surface for healing. It came in the form of broken or painful personal relationships, confusion about my purpose in life, loss of hope in values I once held tightly, numbness to emotions and a deep disconnect with my body. For the first time in my adult life, I had questions and no answers--a critical and powerful plot point in my life. Here’s the power in healing--the familiar chronic ache I had tried to ignore for so many years actually taught me how to open, let go, allow and to receive.

I’ve spent a lot of money and time listening to coaches, therapists, gurus, teachers, speakers, authors and friends. I’ve taken several love tests, career tests and personality ones too. I’ve retreated, prayed, danced, chanted, stretched and meditated.

And then, I came back home to myself.

This is where all truth-seeking really starts and ends--within. What we believe about ourselves says a lot about the life we choose to create. Unfortunately, we aren’t encouraged to listen to our bodies and hearts for truth or to rest in our intuitive natures, our feelings and senses. Instead, many of us are encouraged or expected to rely on the belief that if we do enough, produce enough, restrict ourselves enough, and come up with enough strategies, we’ll find answers and avoid the tenderness of not knowing the right answers. As a teacher and a healer, I now know that my power is not in being right; it’s in being compassionate, courageous and clear about my truth.

Today, “Love Yourself” is used as advice--a phrase we can say when someone is in pain or longing or is feeling lost or deeply confused. To love yourself is not an idea or something you need to know, believe or learn. Loving yourself is a daily practice, a way of being--it’s in the way your feet touch the ground and in the words you choose to use. Your true nature is love and nothing else. When we believe anything else to be true, it’s a sign that we’re disconnected from ourselves--our source of home.

I believe that truth, love and healing meet us in everyday, routine tasks, conversations and observations as much as they do when we experience trauma or profound joy. My gifts lie in sharing healing energy and intuitive messages of love and self-acceptance so you can come to know the blocks that keep you from giving and receiving love and connection. We are forever in a state of healing from the moment we’re born, and we spend our lives searching for our way back home to ourselves--for who we are and why we’re here.

So, what’s keeping you away from home?

I’m honored to work with you.

And if I never meet you, thank you for reading my story. You are a wild, sacred and beautiful being and everything will be ok.